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A Blessed Trinity

About Blessed Trinity

Little Joshua; Drums and Percussion

Ras Zuku; Bass and Saxophone

Ibo Jacob; Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Keyboards and Trumpet 

Early 2020, Just to keep their instrumental skills in shape,
Ibo and Joshua got together in the studio every Sunday.
That soon turned into adhoc recording sessions, Ibo on Bass and naturally Joshua on Drums.

Recording Bass and Drum tracks on an Alesis 24HD recorder at the studio, additional overdubs of instruments and vocals were done at Ibo's home studio.

Later that year Ras Zuku joined the sessions and distinctly complimented the sound and vibe with his sublime basslines and saxophone licks. Wich brought the process to another level.
One session recording basic tracks, the following week recording overdubs, creating most of the backingvocals, percussion and horntracks together.

In 2020 alone, we recorded 20 songs and instrumentals, the best of those tracks will be gradualy published on the IJM label.
Meanwhile, we will be recording new songs and start creating dubb versions of previously created tracks.
Our aim is to bring a sincere tribute to the great inspirators of Reggae music.

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