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About Ibo Jacob

Ibo has been in the music business for over 35 years as a writer and producer of Reggae music. He started out as a young man writing poetry and transformed into a musician expanding his abilities by being lead singer, writer and musician in various bands around Amsterdam.

Over the years, he developed into a gifted recording technician and multi-instrumentalist.
Ibo has a boundless love for Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady,
but loves to play a diverse range of styles; from World music to Jazz.

Now, after more than 35 years of songwriting and performing. Ibo will release the best songs of his huge songbook. In 2019 he has founded his own record label IJMP. (Ibo Jacob Music Productions)

The Artist

The art of Reggae music is in Ibo's blood.
Growing up in colorful Amsterdam made him familiar with music from all over the world. But Reggae captured his soul.

Started out as a young man writing dub-poetry, he became a singer in a Reggae band in the early 1980's. Since then, Ibo has performed with countless bands and numerous recording sessions. 

As an autodidact musician he tought himself to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and trumpet. Composing and songwriting comes natural to Ibo, his work as a sound engineer made him develop into a great recording engineer too. Over time, Ibo has created hundreds of songs, the best of wich will be released on his label.

The Producer

As a producer Ibo has been working on many projects.
Score for film music, album production and vocaltrack recording.
His studio equipment is set-up for classic dubb mixing, making use of vintage hardware, as well as software effects.

Productions such as:

Roots Automatic
Patrick M.
Daggy D & Ras Kidus
Kitch Kitch Bang Bang 
Rude Walkin'
Ras Zuku


Releases featuring Ibo Jacob include:

"Dearest" ( Zola&Zola )
"Water More Than Flower" ( Zola&Zola )
"New Song" ( Zola&Zola )
"Do the Dutch Skadance"
"Latin & Caribbean Music From the Netherlands 1996"
"DeKr8 - Alle 13 Goed"
Daggy D & Ras Kidus: "ZoH"
RudeRich & the Highnotes: "The Right Track"
Rude Walkin'  "7"
The Skankin' Monks "You Love Me"

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